What Happened to RA 8423 the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act?

In 1997, Republic Act 8423 or Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) have set the way for the production of alternative medicines from certain herbs.

Meryll Soriano shares her bouts with postpartum depression

Meryll Soriano is among the mothers who had bouts with postpartum depression, and she bares her truth via an episode through her "Dear MamaMeme"...

DOST: COVID-19 Clinical Trials for Tawa-tawa, Lagundi, VCO completion by June

On May 3, 2021, the Department of Science and Technology initiated their clinical trials to use Euphorbia hirta or tawa-tawa, Chinese chaste tree or lagundi, and...

Kobe Paras shared struggles with his Mental Health

People go through different bouts of hardships now and then. In most cases, it's usually the financial and emotional issues that are the common subjects...

DOH: COVID-19 Inoculation Should be Voluntary

Yesterday, April 26, 2021, a House bill was filed with the intention to push the mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, and this is amid the massive...