ìFashion fades, only style remains the same.î
What Historical Decade Actually Matches Your Style?

What Historical Decade Actually Matches Your Style?

  1. You got: 1190s

    Whether you were joining in on a crusade or avoiding famine, you wouldíve looked great while doing so. Youíre the kind of person who appreciates function over form, which means your style is pretty simple and to the point.

  2. You got: 1280s

    Whether you were involved in a bit of naval warfare or watching family dynasties be formed, clearly you wouldíve looked fab while doing so. Although you like to keep your style pretty simple, you definitely enjoy the odd pop of color here and there.

  3. You got: 1370s

    Whether trying your hand at a new continental trend or watching a royal coronation through the muddy streets, you wouldíve been the most stylish one around. You have a very creative personality and a keen eye for fashion, and youíre usually the first person to notice new style trends.

  4. You got: 1460s

    Whether hearing about another battle in the Wars of the Roses or some young new artist named Da Vinci something, clearly people wouldíve been more enamored with seeing your latest outfit. You have a colorful and fun personality, which certainly spills over into your style sense too.

  5. You got: 1550s

    Whether avoiding execution under Queen Mary Iís (aka Bloody Mary) reign or the spread of influenza, you obviously wouldíve looked hot AF while doing so. You have the kind of personality thatís attracted to luxury and opulence. Youíre not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to personal style.

  6. You got: 1640s

    Whether claiming your stake in a place called New England or traveling the world by sea, you wouldíve done so in sleek and simple style. You have a fairly reserved and conservative personality, and while you can appreciate othersí fashion-forwardness, you prefer comfort above all else.


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