President Duterte orders 'thousands' of presidential appointees to vacate posts on Monday for those who didn't perform their jobs as mandate
Hiring Thousands of Government Posts  starting on Monday August 22, 2016

Duterte orders 'thousands' of presidential appointees to vacate posts

Duterte orders 'thousands' of presidential appointees to vacate posts CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — More than a thousand government officials will vacate their jobs on Monday.

In a press conference in Davao City on Sunday, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that presidential appointees in all government agencies — including government corporations — must vacate their posts because of what he believes to be continued corruption in their offices.

"On Monday, I would declare all positions in the government... If you are there because of a presidential appointment, I will declare all your positions all throughout the country vacant," he said.

"It will number in thousands. Consider yourself in the crucible of the truth about corruption in this country," the President reiterated. 

Cabinet Secretaries and career officials are exempted from the order.

Duterte specifically mentioned the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as agencies he has deemed to be affected by corruption. Although he did not mention any name, Duterte said he wants the LTFRB chief to "come and see" him in Malacañang.

As President, Duterte has the "mandate of control" over different executive departments and bureaus. He can appoint officials, or restructure or reconfigure their offices.


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