A concerned INC member messaged COMELEC Facebook page with a proof of election fraud.
INC Member Claims Election Fraud in Basilan, Zero Votes for BBM

This INC member straightforwardly asked COMELEC about a possible election fraud in their area.

In these screenshots below, the concerned voter, who was also an INC member bravely asked the COMELEC why vice presidentiable Sen. Bongbong Marcos didn't get any votes from their area while Leni Robredo took all of it. We all know that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is known for its bloc voting tradition and for the 2016 National Elections, they officially endorsed the Duterte-Marcos tandem.

As the photo shows, the said polling center was at Bohenange Elementary School in Lamitan, Basilan. 

Unexpectedly, he got a reply from the COMELEC page saying there was no INC member in that polling area. 

The concerned citizen, who was then addressed in the conversation as "Sir Ponce," didn't stop and soon sent a screenshot proving the existence of INC members in their area using their Worship Service Directory. 

At the end of the conversation, Mr. Ponce insisted the power of INC's bloc voting tradition and denied that BBM got ZERO votes from their area. He also stressed that they have members even in the City Jail and said that the COMELEC should not steal or tamper the INC's votes. 

COMELEC just answered with "no comment" on the accusation. 

Source: Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel E. Marcos Facebook Page


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