A young woman's fight against the unseen forces in the old Bilibid prison.
Invisible Fangs: The demonic possession of Clarita Villanueva in Bilibid

In May 1953, the world was trembled by a horrifying case of a young woman who was allegedly attacked by two invisible fanged beings. These beings said to have bitten her every night in her prison cell. From two initial press releases, her story hit newspapers worldwide as this bizarre event went popular.

The story, as told in this initial release, runs thus:

The Mayor of Manila, Mr. Arsenio Lacson, had heard of an 18-year-old woman being held in the city's jail on vagrancy charges had claimed for the past nine days that she was being attacked by invisible creatures that would bite her. She described her invisible attackers as "a very big dark man with curly hair all over the body" and "a body with an angelic face and a big mustache." On Monday, May 18, the ninth day of Villanueva incarceration, Lacson called to have her brought to his office so he and the chief medical examiner, Mariano Lara, among other observers, could talk to her and see the wounds for themselves. Within 15 minutes of arriving, Villanueva started to scream she was being attacked again, while Mayor Lacson was sitting next to her... "she writhed and then laughed as if she had been tickled," and stated the 'things' were taking turns biting her.

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