Yuki Tan Almazan shared a very touching event in her life back in 1994. Read the full story.
#MyDuterteStory: 'He was and still my hero...'  by Yuki Tan Almazan

This was during the flood last 1994... We were neighbors in Central Park Phase 1 in Bangkal ( house of my retired police officer dad ) Davao City, Mayor's house was one of the most damaged cause the water level reached up to his roof, and the river is just behind his house, while our house's water level reached up to 5ft... But you know what? He left his own house, and helped the neighborhood instead of his own property, the dump tracks and amphibian boat came to rescue him and his family but instead he pointed the authorities going to our gym because all evacuees were there but the water reached also the gym.... All of these are true cause during the whole duration of this traumatic experience, I was left alone inside our house to look after it and I was a fire volunteer and a lifesaver at that time and we swam together to help our neighborhood up to NHA KADAYAWAN, San Juan Village, and Royal Valley.... During my younger gay years, I am that active, and He was and still my hero.....


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