Muntinlupa city hall guards thwarted President Rodrigo Duterte from entering Mayor Fresnedi's office for wearing helmet.
President Duterte blocked from entering Muntinlupa Mayor's office

This story was posted today at Du34s / DuterteForce's Facebook page revealing what the president did to personally see what causes heavy traffic in the Muntinlupa Market.

According to the post, President Duterte rode his motorcycle wearing a helmet around Muntinlupa to observe the traffic situation. He noticed that a lot of sidewalk vendors are causing the heavy traffic in the Muntinlupa market area.

What happened next was unexpected.

(c) Rody Duterte Facebook Page

The president then rode his bike towards the mayor’s office and without beating around the bush, he went straight to see Mayor Jaime "Jimmy" Fresnedi. While he was on his way, the president was stopped by the mayor’s guards, unrecognized, because he was still wearing his helmet.

When he took his helmet off, the presidential guards started surrounding him and Mayor Fresnedi immediately went out of his office to welcome him.

President Duterte told Fresnedi he wanted all the vendors out of the streets and go back selling inside the market.

So, after the talk and until today, it has been peaceful around the market area and the traffic has been cleared.

For Muntinlupa, change has come indeed. 


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