A box UFO caught hiding behind the clouds in the Philippines.
UFO: Strange Thing Lurking in the Philippine Skies

Just before the Total Solar Eclipse took place on August 21st, strange things have been happening all over the world including a huge number of recorded UFO sightings. This time, a man who was on a vacation in the Philippines filmed a strange object that looks like a cube sitting still in the sky.

As seen on Secureteam10, a YouTube channel that focuses on space, government anomalies, and UFO sightings, this black UFO was captured on camera in broad daylight. According to the man who took the footage, it seemed like it was hiding behind the clouds but was still visible because of its odd shape. The video was also featured on Daily Mail

According to some viewers, it looks like a tip of a mountain peeking through the clouds. But apparently, it doesn't look that there is any thing behind the clouds aside from this strange object. With the enhanced contrast, it comes out clearly that it's the only dark thing seen in this part of the sky.

In a footage that was taken back in 2015, an almost similar object dumbfounded some witnesses as a cube-shaped UFO comes out of a dark cloud in El Paso, Texas.

Many believe that this object is indeed the same as that found in Texas. Others think it may be a mirage or a mirror image caused by atmospheric conditions where a distorted image of a distant object is refracted above or below invertedly by hot air.

Here's the footage:

What do you think it is?


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