Dewanie Catapang, a social media influencer from Davao, exposed Christian "Xian" Gaza's social media "hokage schemes".
VIRAL: Guy who invited Erich Gonzales for coffee via billboard a scammer?

Dewanie Catapang tweeted earlier today of her own story about Xian Gaza, the guy who rented a billboard in Morayta, Manila to publicly ask Erich Gonzales for a coffee date. 

According to her, she met Christian Gaza in 2013 for a t-shirt project for the Typhoon Yolanda victims. Gaza hired her and her colleagues to help sell the shirts and to donate the funds to the typhoon victims. But just before the project was done, Gaza stopped communicating with them. Catapang said that he changed his number and even deactivated his Facebook account and shut down the "Haiyan Shirts" page. 

Here are some of her tweets:

Here are some of her tweets:

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