Don’t buy fake makeup just for name sake. If high-end makeup brands doesn’t guarantee quality, what more the counterfeits!
Why Divisoria Is Not Your Makeup Shopping Haven

Why Divisoria Is Not Your Makeup Shopping Haven

Allergic Reactions

Since fake cosmetics aren't made the same way as it is in real products, manufacturers don't really care what goes into them. As long as it looks and "feels" like the real deal, they don't care what happens to consumers who actually use them. Moreoever, quality control is virtually non-existent in these production lines, making it more dangerous than ever. Users can suffer from chemical burns, infections, and allergies from various mixtures of chemicals present on these makeup products.

Fake makeup can also cause skin rashes as a result of chemicals used on these products. According to New York's top dermatologist Dr. Robert Burka, he sees two or three cases involving skin dermatitis because of fake makeup. They found out that they contained harmful chemicals such as high-levels of lead, Beryllium, and even bacteria which can cause severe skin irritation.

… and Eye Infections

The eyes are sensitive organs. A small nib can cause instant irritation which, in turn, can cause redness and irritation. As a defense mechanism, your eyes produce tears to wash off the substance, but what if that substance is on your lashes or your lid? One case the stood out was Katie Brown from the U.K. who suffered irritation and swelling after applying a fake Urban Decay Eyeshadow that she unknowingly bought from China. According to Brown, her eyesight became so blurry that she thought she was going blind. So, unless you don't want 20/20 vision, stick to the original folks.

Presence of Dangerous Chemicals

Chemicals are used on a day to day basis. From food colorings to your electronics and batteries, chemicals are part of modern life, even in beauty products and cosmetics.

However, uncontrolled and unmitigated use can have dire effects. Legitimate cosmetic brands employ chemists and dermatologists to create body-safe formulas. This is not the case for manufacturers who create fake cosmetics.

To test this, Daily Mail made an experiment. They bought fake makeup from eBay - a knock off Benefit Eye Bright Pencil, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Foundation Powder, and Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara. Thankfully, it does not buildup in your body and can be expelled. However, it's worth noting that Arsenic can cause skin, lung, and bladder cancer, as well as abdominal pains, shocks, and even death.

From the same test, the Benefit Bad Gal Lash was found out to have high levels of mercury which is a naturally-ocurring element. If consumed, however, it can have effects on the heart, the immune system, kidneys, and the brain. When used around the eyes (like you would in a mascara) it can permanently damage your vision.

Counterfeit makeup products have also been found out to contain lead. While humans have used lead for centuries (and most of them died from it), amounts of lead on these products is 19 times the legal limit. Unlike Arsenic, Lead builds up in the body and can cause symptoms of lead poisoning such as memory loss, joint and muscle pains, and headaches. If used when pregnant, it can risk a miscarriage or premature birth when exposed.


Since knock offs are not subject to strict manufacturing regulations unlike their real counterparts, the presence of bacteria is no question. Most of these products are made from small factories, basements, and backrooms with little to no quality control, meaning contamination is likely to happen.

Even the FBI has been called to investigate fake makeup. They found out that most of these products contain high-levels of bacteria including E. Coli (Escherichia coli) - the bacteria found on fesces, which can also cause diarrhea and UTIs.

Opt for an alternative cheaper brand

There are all natural and organic makeup brands that is way cheaper than high-ends but only better. It’s a better bargain than your Divisoria finds, you can get the purest of the chemical free ingredients for less! But if you find all natural and organic makeup brands to be too light go for local brands instead. Keep in mind to invest on good skin not on the brand for that matter. If you can’t afford high-end makeup, counterfeit is neither a good alternative.

This article is written by MJ Mendoza from iPrice Group


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