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Never-before seen footage of what’s inside the New Bilibid Prison!

This video was taken in 2014, 2 months after the raid of DOJ/NBI in Maximum Security Prison and got viral just a couple of days ago.

VIRAL: Music video of high-profile inmate Colanggo angers Bato and President Duterte!

The said music video entitled 'Pano 'yon' was recorded and done inside the New Bilibid Prison by no other than the said richest inmate inside Bilibid! Such confidence really triggered the anger of the new PNP Chief and the new President

New Bilibid Prison VIPs scared of the plot to kill Duterte!

“We are not involved in this plot, if it [is] really true. We are afraid that this might be a way of ‘public conditioning’ so that we will be eventually silenced and the corruption that happened here inside NBP in the previous administration [will] be con


14 Songs You (Probably) Thought Were Filipino Originals, But Are Actually Japanese Songs

" Reddit users pointed out that Japanese songs were popular for pinoy enternainers (Japayukis) when they came back here in the Philippines, bringing with them records. A lot of them perform these song on their job.

Filipino Billiards Legend Efren Reyes Continues to Amaze at 69 Years Old

Despite his age, Reyes remains a popular figure among volunteers and athletes from other countries who watch him train and request group photos. Singapore’s former world No. 1 pool player

Discovering the Magic of Dayang Dayang: A Journey through Culture

Join us on a fascinating journey through Filipino culture...

Top Lucky Foods You Can Find at SM That Bring Good Fortune

Ring in the Chinese New Year and prepare food...