Banker Filipina supporter says Duterte’s pro-women programs in Davao City speak louder than his flirting and kissing!


A number of female upperclass supporters met Davao City’s mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a bar in Makati City.

Initiated by women supporters, the event is small and intimate.

Banker Maria Lourdes Pineda is one of the guests.

She says she decided to come to convince others about Duterte.

MARIA LOURDES PINEDA, BANKER: A lot of things you hear on social media where people who support Duterte are called idiots, they’re called bobo. I read somewhere that they’re called Dutertards? So like they’re retarted. A lot of women, who are actually business women, they’re from the higher level of society, actually believe in Duterte so they thought, ‘We’re not naman bobo.’ So they decided maybe it’s time for us to come out.

The Davao City mayor has been criticized for his flirting and kissing with women.

But Pineda says there’s more to the story.

MARIA LOURDES PINEDA, BANKER: He does have a lot. I think Davao City is one of the first cities in the PH where he has an Anti-Discrimination Law enacted in the city. One of the first cities to have a special desk in police stations just for women’s concerns. In terms of the jails, there’s a special jail for women where they can be rehabilitated.

That night, Duterte obviously has some female fans.

What’s not so certain is if selfies will translate to votes.

Source: Rappler Videos by Pia Ranada

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