JabbaWockeeZ Filipino member choreographed “Uptown Funk”, danced his way to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Here’s the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show full video:

Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/super-bowl/6874179/bruno-mars-phil-tayag-super-bowl-50-halftime-show-interview?

Phil already knew of Bruno Mars in 2008 through a mutual friend. In 2015, Mars asked him to do Uptown Funk with him. Surprised by the news, Phil immediately accepted the offer. He said that working with him would be a great opportunity and that he’s actually amazed by the artist’s talents. 

The process has been unreal. It’s been a beautiful process, always creating with Bruno, and that guy — he’s a dancer too, and I will not take all of the credit for choreography. We know this guy writes, produces his music, plays live instruments, sings, performs, and now he’s embracing the dance in him.” – Phil

People were so amazed by the Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show performed by Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Coldplay. Before that, “Uptown Funk”, which Bruno Mars performed during the show, became a big hit in 2015. Amazingly, not everyone knows that Phil Tayag, a Filipino member of America’s Best Dance Crew’s first winner, JabbaWockeeZ, choreographed the song for its music video.

Despite the fact that Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl performance got confirmed just a week before and that they only had a month to put things up, Phil said that working with him didn’t really feel like work. 

We just really vibed out, and I think that’s what makes it great about our dynamic is it’s really organic,” he said. He also said that meeting Beyoncé and Coldplay during rehearsals was just very cool as he described. “They’re powerhouse artists but they didn’t come off that way and didn’t have that sense of entitlement,” he added.

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