Duterte and Cayetano’s Platform of Governance (A Compilation)


Writers for Duterte presents this unofficial platform for Duterte & Cayetano.

This compilation has been a combined effort and we have painstakingly pored through interviews and articles in order to accurately  mirror the stance of Rodrigo R. Duterte & Alan Peter Cayetano and to give justice to their plans for a brighter Philippines. This does not officially come from their offices but all sources have been cited. Thank you to all the researchers and the writers who gave their input and who donated their time and talent. We are all in this together. 

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TAPANGThere is lawlessness, there is crime everywhere. Illegal drugs use is rampant. The people are clamoring for a leader that will bring peace and order. We promise to suppress crime, corruption and drugs in 3–6 months. Furthermore, Tapang represents the will to enforce and implement the existing laws of the land affecting all facets of our lives. We believe that the root causes of all the problems facing our country are the lack of enforcement of the law and a broken system in which these laws are promulgated. We needTapang to implement the law and fix the broken system.

MALASAKIT: There is inequality and injustice in our country. The needs of the few are given priority over the needs of the majority. The people are clamoring for a leader who looks after the welfare of the entire nation and not just the select few. Where growth is inclusive and no one gets left behind. We believe in the dignity of all Filipinos and their right to live productive and fulfilling lives. We will prioritize the areas of Agriculture, Education andHealth — these are three aspects that directly affect majority, if not all Filipinos especially the poor and marginalized. Malasakit in government ensures that everyone is treated equally and with dignity.

The key points of the governance platform:

1) the streamlining of the bureaucracy;

2) the strengthening of the justice system;

3) the building of the country’s infrastructure

4) the expansion of social services, including housing, education and health, with special attention to the elderly, women, children and indigenous people;

5) tax reform;

6) the building of disaster-resilient communities;

7) the raising of living standards for all; and

8) the shifting of the current unitary structure of our government to the federal structure of government.

These are articulated through concrete actions steps in the 13 pillars of governance.
















1. PEACE AND ORDER: The 24/7 war against crime, corruption, and illegal drugs

Our Vision: A country where everyone is safe from crime, free from illegal drugs, and without corruption. A country where the law is followed by all and justice is served for all.

Campaign promise: Suppress crime, spread of drugs, corruption within 3 to 6 months after election into office

a) Re-engage the peace process with rebel groups (inclusive peace talks). Mindanao peace process should be specific to certain areas considering the cultural differences within the Bangsamoro people. Its not a one-size fits all agreement.

b) Increase salaries of military and police. Increase police salaries to P75,000 to P100,000 within 3 years.

c) Raise crime and illegal drugs use to the level of a national security threat.

d) Modernize crime-fighting strategies, like putting CCTVs in major thoroughfares.*

e) Institutionalize police and military coordination through joint task forces in peace and order hotspots.

f) Bring back the death penalty for drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape, robbery, homicide (and corruption).

g) Pass the Freedom of Information Act.

h) Lift Bank Secrecy Law for public officials and pass Anti-Dummy Law.*

i) Monitor front-line government offices using real-time video and audio surveillance.*

j) Bring back special criminal courts to speed up resolution of serious crime cases.*

k) Amend Juvenile Justice Law. Minimum age liability for crime is lowered to 12 year’s old.

l) Pursue smugglers.

m) Development of Mindanao as key to ASEAN integration


Our Vision: A country where the government can take care of our farmers and fishermen so they can provide food to every Filipino in the most affordable, fastest and safest way possible.

Campaign promise: Make food available and ensure it is affordable by going “back to basics” in addressing the food problem.

Over the years, the production of cash crops has dominated the agriculture sector’s activities. We have forgotten that the main task of government is to ensure that food is available and affordable to the ordinary Filipino.

“No more agricultural experiments. We go back to the basics. Our farmers should only produce what is needed by the market and what the Filipinos would consume.”

a) Provide free irrigation and subsidized fertilizer and seeds for farmers

b) Reduce the cost of food by getting rid of unscrupulous middlemen and loan sharks

c) Build food terminals in the countryside with cold storage facilities

d) Back to Basics approach:

a. Determine the kind of food items that the market needs and quantify the volume food that the Filipino people would consume every year.

b. Identify which regions or provinces of the country would be suitable in the production of the needed food items. This would entail a nation- wide study to produce an agriculture guide map that would indicate soil suitability, climatic conditions and rainfall patterns so that farmers would be know what to plant or cultivate.

c. Once the key production areas are identified based on crop suitability, the government will come in with the needed interventions to support the farmers in their production.

d. Irrigation services must be considered a vital government obligation to support the growth of Philippine economy, just like the network of roads being used for free. The country’s rice farmers should be supported by providing them free irrigation water and should be allowed to manage their own irrigation systems for themselves without being obliged to pay for the irrigation fees.

e. Basic infrastructure to facilitate the transport of food and agricultural products from the key production areas to the market will be given priority.

f. Food terminals complete with cold storage facilities will be established in key production areas to serve as the delivery point for the farmers’ produce. From there, the food items will be distributed to other areas where these are needed in a concept called “Food Positioning.”

g. The processing of food products at the local level would be given the needed support to add more value to the farmers’ produce and create jobs in the countryside.

h. The country’s potential as a top producer of aqua and marine products given the fact that the country has the fifth longest coastline in the world would be given focus and support as well.

i. The government will support farmers in areas that could not grow food products by introducing crops suited to the area with the needed technical and funding support.

j. Environmental protection and ecological balance will be given priority to ensure the sustainable production of healthy food for the country.

3. EDUCATION: A focus on character building.

Our Vision: A country where education is rooted in molding character and values of the nation through the next generation of Filipino children

Campaign promise: Create innovative solutions to address education needs and to focus on character building and values education.

a) Double salaries of teachers by the end of our term

b) Build adequate classrooms, double classroom shifts.

c) Expand scholarship grants to the youth through the Iskolar ng Bayan program.

d) Promote Values Education from schools to mass media.

e) Use technology in education programs to address geographical and structural limitations of the current system.

4. HEALTH: Bringing back the “care” in our healthcare systems.

Our Vision: A country where there is a universal access to healthcare for all with a focus on providing free and accessible healthcare to the poorest and marginalized sectors of society.

Campaign Promise: Require all hospitals to have facilities and services that accommodate the poorest and marginalized members of society paid and arranged for by the government.

a) Review all local anti-smoking ordinances to ensure conformance with national anti-smoking laws.

b) Preventive health programs must be sustainably pushed, particularly adequate nutrition.

c) National daily exercise program will be established.

d) 100% PhilHealth coverage for all Filipinos.

e) Equitable implementation of the Reproductive Health Law.

f) All provinces must have a tertiary hospital with an intensive care unit.

g) Require all hospitals to have a facility for very poor patients with government paying for the health services using PhilHealth reserve funds, sin tax revenues, and Department of Health budget.

a. According to Duterte, “Hospitals need to put 10 free beds and then you go in. Just tell the doctor what your aliment is, “Tell me what I am sick of as long as the check-up is free.”

b. “I will mandate that there should be a law, irrespective of whether you are a 5-star, 4-star, 1-star hospital, you must provide a facility for the indigents. Not really indigents because I will pay. When a person enters, you need to help them, cure them, operate on them. I will pay.”

h) Create specialized hospitals (heart, lung, kidney) in Visayas and Mindanao*

i) All regions should have an advanced tertiary health care facility to include a heart, kidney and lung center capable of transplants and advanced cardiovascular interventions. This will decongest current DOH specialty hospitals in Manila and encourage specialty practice in the countryside.

5. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Development for all and felt by all.

Our Vision: Development that is spread across the nation and is felt by all. No sector and no region left behind.

Campaign promise: Spread economic growth throughout the country and decongest Metro Manila — make growth nationwide and inclusive.

a) Call a constitutional convention, within first year of term, to study the shift to a federal form of government

b) Limit requirements for business permits to 5 signatures and impose a 30 to 60-day processing time. (In Davao City, processing of government documents is limited to 72 hours. Any delays have to be explained to the Office of the Mayor.)

c) Maintain or Expand the Conditional Cash Transfer program (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps) but with a livelihood component that will give loans to the poor for small and medium enterprises

d) Establish tourism, agricultural, and industrial hubs in the countryside to create jobs

e) Introduce P1 billion “small capital fund” for every region outside Metro Manila where farmers and other poor workers can borrow from to put up businesses

f) Set up credit mechanism for the government to lend to the poor

g) Expand ecozones in more regions

h) Revive country’s steel industry

i) Internet connection speed: Recognize internet access and speed as basic infrastructure that is needed for economic growth and such needs regulation under an empowered NTC, that will have the power to enforce minimum bandwidth. This way we can better update and enforce standards such as speed and quality.

6. JOBS, EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR: A focus on the dignity of the laborer.

Our Vision: A country that thrives on the dreams and talents of its people.

Campaign promise: Improve labor conditions for Filipino workers by focusing on their rights and benefits.

Government should do what it can to create jobs available by bringing in investments. At the same time, government must see to it that the cost of living is kept low so that job income can be properly used to benefit the person and his or her family. Regular employment must be ensured so that the rights and welfare of workers are protected. Regular employment will allow pension and social welfare funds such as the SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG to stay strong. Intermittent contractual employment threatens these funds and makes them unstable. Elements of life must be affordable, such as electricity, water education and housing. Government can make sure that the basic (decent) standards for these are within reach of majority of Filipinos. This is the only way to make the economic growth felt.

a) No income tax for workers earning P20,000 and below; Initiate measures to curb contractualization for present jobs; Phase out contractualization

b) Set higher coverage targets for the SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG

c) Revitalize basic industries like steel to create raw materials for downstream industries that are job generating

d) Require companies to hire On-the-Job-Trainees (OJTs) to enable young graduates to obtain work skills.

e) Create the peaceful environment in the countryside to encourage investment beyond incentives

f) Lower electricity costs by encouraging smart grids and small-scale self-generation methods such as household solar power generation

g) Infrastructure gaps should be filled 100% within the President’s term

h) Special economic zones to bring jobs to the countryside through manufacturing

i) Consider the idea of “business islands” which can create jobs for more skilled Filipinos without them needing to leave the country.

7. TRANSPORTATION: Efficient, affordable and fast transportation options for all.

Our Vision: Build more infrastructure projects that will encourage development in areas outside the traditional urban centers and by doing so, decongest our existing cities esp. Metro Manila.

Campaign promise: Improve mobility of people and goods.

Coming from Mindanao, Mayor Duterte shares the frustration of many who have to deal with flight delays. The main problem is excessive congestion in NAIA, and it is only because we need to do a better job at optimizing runway use in the short term. For Metro Manila we can maintain NAIA but Clark International Airport can to be developed further into another gateway with the use of a fast railway connection around Metro Manila, NAIA and Clark. We need to do a better job in luring international airlines to use other air gateways such as Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Davao in the long term.

Under a federal government, cities can play a bigger hand in improving their airports. Current nationalized schemes under the DOTC impede airport and seaport development. National agencies can develop and enforce standards, but the management and expansion of airports and seaports need to be local, to spur its development. All municipalities must have standard roads connecting them to major Philippine highways. No municipality must remain unreachable by the lack of a paved road

Within the first two years of the administration:

a) Add more carriages to train lines

b) Build fast train linking airports and seaports to Metro Manila

c) Develop Clark International Airport and Batangas seaport to ease traffic congestion

d) Build Mindanao Railway system

Traffic Management

a) Volume reduction programs like the number coding scheme of vehicles in Metro Manila need to be studied carefully since in Metro Manila it hasn’t really worked to ease traffic since it was instituted 20 years ago. If it works then we look at ways to enhance effectiveness.

b) Affordable and efficient mass transport systems are a viable sustained alternative to using your own car without restricting ownership. This is the key that will encourage people to use their cars less, especially in the core of urban centers.

c) The long-term goal, of course, is to decongest cities by providing countryside opportunities.

d) Enforcement of zoning laws will be necessary to enable balanced development. Government needs to invest in rail systems in regions to enable proper transport around major urban centers, not just the greater Manila area.

8. FOREIGN POLICY: Increased regional collaboration and economic cooperation

Our Vision: Strengthened partnerships with our ASEAN neighbors

Campaign promise: Strong ASEAN through Effective Integration is the cornerstone of policy.

On China: “I will talk to China and tell them it is Philippine territory. I will not move an inch backwards.”

a) Initiate a dialogue with China with the involvement of ASEAN since our dispute covers several countries with similar interests to the Philippines.

b) Promote inter-ASEAN trade especially within the BIMP-EAGA Cluster by removing the roadblocks to the South Mindanao-North Sulawesi RORO link.

c) Push industrialization in Mindanao so that we can produce high value-added products that we can export cheaply to ASEAN, which for us (in Mindanao) is only an overnight boat away.

d) Development of the Zamboanga Ecozone, Southern Mindanao Growth Corridor (Gensan Growth Corridor and Davao Gulf Industrial Corridor) will be the gateway to ASEAN, while providing jobs and opportunity to local residents.

9. POVERTY REDUCTION: Equal opportunity for all

Our Vision: A bigger middle class

Campaign promise: Development to expand in more areas outside Metro Manila

Duterte believes the root cause of poverty, especially in rural areas and in Mindanao, is the concentration of power and wealth in Metro Manila.

a) If it is proven to only increase mendicancy, the 4Ps program must be stopped. We need to study how effective it is in actually uplifting beneficiaries from poverty. If it is effective, then we expand with the necessary refinements and enhancements.

b) DSWD should engage poverty reduction programs particularly on strengthening of programs such as SEA-K for the poorest of the poor.

c) Many of the rural poor are indigenous peoples. It is important that we review the Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Plans (ADSDPP) and find ways for these to be operationalized and optimized to provide income opportunities for IPs. This makes their ancestral domains productive while strengthening their culture.

d) Free irrigation frees up significant cash from the meager incomes of farmer families. This will translate to immediate impact.

e) Agri-financing reforms are needed to push additional agricultural production and expand rural incomes by expanding agricultural production. In many areas, despite strong demand for the commodity, rural communities are unable to produce to inadequate financing.

10. CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: Building disaster-resilient communities

Our Vision: Country is prepared and equipped in dealing with climate change

Campaign Promise: Building disaster-resilient communities

Our Philippine Environmental Policy is Sustainable Development. We cannot conserve and protect what we do not use. Much of our food comes from the environment. Therefore strict implementation of our environmental and land use laws is vital.

a) The Philippine Environmental Policy is Sustainable Development. This can be amended to make climate change adaptation measures to be institutionalized apart from the climate change law.

b) Food crop areas should be maintained.

c) A Climate Adaptation Fund must be developed per region to enable adaptation solutions in agriculture and food production, which is vulnerable to climate change.

d) Adoption of Climate Smart Technologies such as the implementation of the rainwater impoundment and collection regulations.

e) While the Philippines is not a significant contributor to greenhouse gases we still need to pursue a policy that will prevent it from being one even as we industrialize.

f) Create a single, permanent Emergency Response Department in charge of disaster preparedness, relief, and rehabilitation*

11. GENDER EQUALITY: Strong government support in promoting gender equality

Our Vision: Gender equality for all

Campaign Promise: Establish laws and regulations that promote gender equality

a) Supports women empowerment initiatives nationwide

b) Promote adoption of Women Development Code to more cities and municipalities in the country.

c) Bring the concept of the Child Minding Center to the national level. This is primarily intended to cater to government employee-mothers who have toddlers or babies to nurse and which operates during working hours so that our mothers need not be separated from their babies and toddlers while at work.

d) Replicate nationwide the establishment of the Gender Sensitive Crisis Intervention Unit operating 24/7 serving women and children who are victims of violence. It’s a one-stop shop for victims, as desks for the police/law enforcement, social welfare office, city legal office and from city health office are provided making sure that women and children’s legal and medical needs are attended all in one place. It also provides a temporary shelter for women victims.

e) Bring nationwide the concept of the Davao OFW Center ordinance where one of its primary features is a 24/7 hotline for overseas workers to enable families to communicate with their loved ones, mostly women, who are working overseas.

f) Promote the concept of the Women’s Health Clinic to more cities and municipalities, where the City mandates the City Health Office and the City Social Welfare Office to attend to all the reproductive health needs of women.

g) Promote the adoption of Davao’s AIDS ordinance to more cities and municipalities, which mandates the city to spearhead the campaign regarding HIV.

h) Push for a national Anti-Discrimination Policy that also includes reference to sexual orientation and gender identity.



• Replication of good practices in Davao City to national level (no smoking in public places, no firecrackers during Christmas and New Year celebrations, 911 system, etc.)

• More Visayan heroes to be properly recognized



TAPANGTo live in a country safe from crime and drugs and without corruption in government.

MALASAKIT: To live in a country where everyone has a chance to build a better life and provide for our families.


Let me tell our countrymen that I cannot do it alone.

This is our country and we must have unity. We have enough laws but we do not implement or follow the law. Right now, following the law is only an option. It should be a must. To have peace and order, we must have an adequate police and military force and we should overhaul the entire system and even the hierarchy of the two fighting forces of our government. We should have an increase of their salaries and take care of their families so they do not have to take bribes and they can work with pride. Ang pinakaimportante po ay ang dignidad ng tao. At sana naman, sa sweldo lang sana mabubuhay sila ng marapat-dapat. The discipline that I started in Davao is now being enforced by the people themselves. I have proven that it can be done. Let us journey together but I need you to be with me on this journey.

-Rodrigo R. Duterte

(Unofficial but based on statements/interviews by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano*)


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