Andanar: Austrailian Broadcasting Corp. to help out with PTV-4

Incoming PCCO Secretary Martin Andanar plans to make PTV-4 a more recognizable state-run network with the help from Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Incoming Communications Secretary Martin Andanar finds help down under, Australian Broadcasting Corp. or ABC will give a hand on making PTV-4 become a “BBC” (British Broadcasting Corp.) or more international.

“We have been working with Special Broadcasting in Australian, I had some training in Australian Broadcasting Corp.” Andanar said.

This marks the first step in Andanars plan to turn PTV-4 around into a more recognizable state-run TV network like BBC.

Editorial Independence
Andanar believes on the importance of editorial independence and cited that ABC and BBC had some controversies on their own but remained independent with their journalistic approach.

“The three important, primary values that he believes in are justice, fairness and equality,” Andanar said.

“there’s no reason why you can’t give in to editorial independence.” he added.

Andanar acknowledge that he has a gargantuan task ahead of him but he confidently said that they are all achievable.

Article by TrendTitan

Video by  Inday Espina-Varona Youtube

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