Business billionaire Lucio Tan offered money to Duterte but . . .

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The incoming President of the Republic of the Philippines admitted during a speech at the oath-taking ceremony of Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao that one of the country’s most prominent businessman, Lucio Tan offered him money during the campaign period, so that’s the reason why he avoided the business tycoon.

Pres. Duterte admitted also that up to this day he wonders how he won the hearts of the Filipinos by winning the presidency despite the fact that he has no resources and political machinery. The former Mayor of Davao City also pointed out that he did not take money from mining companies and business tycoons like Lucio Tan who offered him campaign money.

Duterte was quoted as saying “I assure you that I never really accepted money from any mining company. Yan masiguro ninyo maski tanungin ninyo,” Duterte said. [That I can assure you even if you have it checked.]

Duterte said he turned down campaign money from business magnates like Tan, not because it is “a bad practice,” but it is difficult to get compromised as a leader.

Based upon the advocacies of the longest-serving local executive of Davao City, in his administration will campaign on regulating the mining industry in the country. He even appointed one of the top executives of ABS-CBN as the next DENR Secretary, Ma’am Gina Lopez.

The 71-year-old President tells all gov’t officials to stay away from taking money, citing that this is a ‘bad practice’ and the usually need you to pay them in some other way.

The billionaire Lucio Tan is the principal owner one of the country’s largest beverage, airlines and banking companies. He owns LT Group, PAL, PNB and Asia Brewery.

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