Big-time Drug Dealer Confessed that he worked with one of the five Generals involved in Illegal Drugs


A man who confessed to being a big time drug dealer in Southern Luzon admitted having links with one of the five police generals tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte as protectors of drug syndicates in the country.

The drug dealer, as interviewed by GMA News’ John Consulta, confided that he got his supply of shabu [methamphetamine hydrochloride] from the so-called “ninja cops” or policemen who “recycle” or sell illegal drugs confiscated during police anti-illegal drugs operations. He said the “ninja cops” are working for one of the “narco generals” recently exposed by the president.

He revealed that the rogue cops would substitute the confiscated shabu with alum (tawas). It was the alum that would be destroyed later by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in front of the public, media and government officials.

The self-confessed drug dealer also recalled the one time he delivered money to the police general’s office at the Philippine National Police Headquarters in Camp Crame. He said the police official and his cohorts ran out of the room because the money he delivered, amounting to millions,  were full of dust.

He said he also get some of his supply of illegal drugs from the maximum security compound of the New Bilibid Prison, where convicted drug kingpins are incarcerated.

Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre earlier revealed that 75% of the illegal drug transactions in the country came from the national penitentiary. He said drug operations outside are being controlled by drug lords inside the prison facility.

The drug dealer said he decided to surface because he fears for his safety. He claimed he had stopped dealing drugs since last year. And because he knows a lot about the official’s illegal activities, he claimed he is now being hunted by the general’s men to silence him.

He promised to cooperate with the Duterte administration’s campaign against illegal drugs if the government will guarantee his safety.

Video from 24 Oras GMA News; Article Source from KickerDaily

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Ella Canave