President Duterte named as a superhero by a 6-yr old boy!

For Johann Tanchangco, a 6-yr-old boy, Rody Duterte is in his top 3 list of superheroes!

As the saying goes, truth comes “out of the mouth of babes.” Or in this case, it is from the seatwork of Johann Tanchangco’s 6-year-old son in which the young boy names President Duterte a Superhero.

Johann recently posted a photo of his son’s work with the caption “saw this seatwork in my 6 year old son’s workbook. No marvel heroes there! Lol”

The task given to the young boy was to “write 3 persons that will help you keep your town a safe and orderly place,” to which he answered “Suprman,” “Batman,” and “Duterte.”

The post, which has received amused comments from people, is an indication that President Duterte’s anti-crime message is being heard by Filipinos of all ages and all walks of life. This is in stark contrast to the country’s previous Chief Executives who seemed to be concerned primarily with pleasing the rich and powerful.

And while there is no indication that Johann or his son has ever met Duterte, it is clear that the President has had an impact on their lives. And this is how it should be with our leaders, they should always remain close to the people in order to feel their pulse and hear their problems.

Judging from the good that Duterte has been doing so far, and his sterling track record as mayor of Davao City, we can only imagine the bright future that lies ahead for the country. This is especially true for the younger generation — like Johann’s son — who have a safer and more orderly Philippines to grow up in. And even if the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight may be busy elsewhere, we still have the Punisher to clean up the town.

Article Source: Mindanation

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