President Duterte’s SONA summary

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President Duterte SONA 2016

Finally, after countless SONAs full of promises, paper boats, super regions, finger-pointing, we now have a SONA that gives us comprehensives, concrete simple ideas, that plain breaks through the load of BS we have been dished out all these years.

A leader who speaks not of power or privilege, but of what is good for the People. Something for Peace and unilateral ceasefire, something for the peace in Mindanao after centuries of strife, something for our OFWs made to run the rat race, something about our ageing trains, something about our broadband capabilities, something about the rich owning lakes and mines and skies and the very land, something about the privileges enjoyed by the elite few so that the rest of us would just stay on our stations. Finally, a strong Presidency.

As Filipinos, we need to give Our President all the support he can get. No more crab dragging, no more hesitations, no more fence-sitting. Do what we can as citizens of this country. A make or break strategy for all of us. Will we do our part or will we just guard our own fences and never mind what is happening in other parts of our country for the next 30 years?

He speaks true and plain. Straight to the point. And there was a moment there that he is speaking to each and everyone of us. Almost like a Father who would brook no nonsense and would go after what is hurting his Family.

Lets do our part.
We own this country. Lets take it back. Right, show no mercy because they surely did not give us any.

 As one writer said:

Credit to Rafael Alunan / Facebook account: View Profile

It’s a very unique State of the Nation Address. He’s conversing, reasoning, laying the rules, expounding his vision, stating the goals, rolling out his programs, joking, and coming across as natural – that’s the way he is; what you see is what you get.

He’s certainly grappling with that idiot board scrolling up his speech. At some point he stopped using it and went ad lib. At times when he returned to it he had to instruct the person manning its speed to move it up or slow it down.
He is speaking as a grandfather, father and brother. Never mind the mumbling at times, or the childlike moments of provincial humor. He is talking from the heart and sharing his knowledge of who we are as a people, our vulnerabilities, the risks we face and what we need to do to build a better Philippines.
Someone who says what he means and means what he says. No “cheche-bureche”. And at his age today, 71, he has no patience for useless black propaganda. All told, we were treated to the spectacle of a real leader dead serious to do his job and expecting everyone else to do theirs.”

The challenges are enormous. Now is not the time to put blindfolds on and ignore the problem, else we will drown in sorrow. Now is the time for action.

Lets stop FEAR-MONGERING. He ain’t a monster.
If he is, He is our monster.
It is darkest before dawn. Now is our time.
Rally Filipinos.

It’s better to follow the new government.

A brief summary on President’s SONA 2016

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