Social media sensation Kaycee Gregorio ‘Dyoga Girl’

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Unfortunately all the videos and pictures; she gained negative comments from the online community.

Francis Sandico one of the Facebook users chatted Kaycee.

Kaycee kapag nakakuha ako ng 150k likes and 150k comments magdeactivate ka ng Facebook mo at hindi ka na magffacebook kahit kailan? G?

And there is an open letter for her created by Shaira Aliyah. 

An Open Letter to Everyone who Became Famous Because of their Boobs. First off, Facebook is a social media network. Not a porn site.

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An Open Letter to Everyone who Became Famous Because of their Boobs by Shaira Aliyah

First off, Facebook is a social media network. Not a porn site.

Everyone has Facebook nowadays. From that little 7-year-old girl, up to our grandpops and grandmoms. Almost everyone are “hooked up” in this social media network. However, a lot of people took advantage of Facebook’s growing community. Not just that, a lot of people became “Facebook Famous” in the worst way possible.

As I was scrolling through my timeline, a certain video caught my attention. It’s a video of Kaysee Gregorio who is “proudly” showing off and not just that, jiggling her breast out. I’ve seen tons of pictures and videos like that on my Facebook, too. And as a girl, I’m the one who felt embarrassed for such action. Showing off your boobs, or even your cleavage is so humiliating in each and every angle.

I just don’t understand why people like this are so proud of what they’re doing. There are boys commenting nasty and dirty stuff but they are just ignoring them or worse, they feel “honored” receiving such comments.

As I stalk this account that promotes “nudity”, I felt degraded. Why? Because I am a woman.

Seeing those women mortifying themselves, undeniably affects me to think that I am not even a relative of them. What if their parents catch sight of those photos? What would they feel? Seeing your child posting “pornographic” photos and watching other people make fun of her. That might be the worst nightmare of a parent, especially a mother.

Also, these people I am talking about always ask for respect. Think of it. Respect should never be solicited because it should be earned. Posting photos like that and expecting people to respect you just because “you are you”. That’s the best example of being pathetic. I pity those people seeking for attention and believing that by posting a photo like that, they could be popular.

Well, congrats. You are now popular. Popular in the eyes of pedophiles. Popular in the eyes of perverts. And lastly, popular in the eyes of people who’s concerned about you and who’s willing to watch you change.

Next, those people, as well, love to status about their ex lovers who did not take them seriously. No wonder you got treated that way. I am not saying that they should be treated that way. What I am trying to say is that if you act like everyone could “taste” you, no one would ever dare to commit with you. Try to act like a decent woman. Try to act like a woman with dignity. You’ll see all those serious guys queueing up just to get you.

So let’s now talk about this based on their perspectives. First things first, they say they do such things because they’re just being themselves. Well then, yes. I get your point but if you want to post such things, please do not do it on Facebook because a lot of kids are using Facebook too. They might think it’s correct and imitate it.

Secondly, they might say that I am just “insecure” because I got no breast. Let me tell you this, I am not insecure and I will never be insecure about something that is completely disgusting. Yes, it is not your fault that you have big bust and I understand that. But please, just keep it to yourself. We don’t want to see your lustful photos and videos scattered all over our Facebook timeline.

Thirdly, they say posting their videos makes them comfortable and it boosts their confidence. How? By seeing people “drooling” over something that deserves to be hidden? By seeing perverts commenting dirty stuff on your photos? Or maybe, by making other girls “envy” your “big future”? It actually just doesn’t make sense.

Lastly, people might say that I should stop “slut shaming” and I shout stop sexualizing such action. Well, let me ask you, isn’t the video clearly wants to imply sexuality? It is indeed visible that she is showing off her breast because of sexual purposes.

And let’s talk about slut shaming here. How could you say I am slut shaming her if she HAS NO shame?

For the record, this is not just for the so called “Dyoga Girl” but for everyone who showed off their boobs, showing off their boobs or even those who’s planning to show off their boobs on social media just to become famous and have boys serve as their defense to get over all the hates they might be receiving.

Please, think before you post something because it does not just reflect you but also the people around you. The main reason why boys are completely losing trust and respect for us girls is because of someone like Dyoga Girl. Someone who craves respect but cannot even respect herself first.

Girls, please know your worth. You’re more than just a “like” nor a “love”. Don’t stoop your level down just to try to “fit in” to this cruel society. Learn to respect yourself first and watch the world respect you back.

Disclaimer: I know a lot of people would criticize me after this but I am standing firm with these thoughts of mine. Above all, I am after modesty and not hypocrisy. God bless, everyone 

Here’s the link for the open letter:

The Facebook user named “Kaysee Gregorio”, one of the social media sensations in the Philippines because of her good body physique. In her videos and pictures, she is emphasizing the size of her breasts to attract the viewers. 

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