LOOK: Isabelle Daza appears as her Miss Universe mom at Tim Yap’s party


“When your mom is iconic enough to be a costume. Thanks for the crown,” saying the crown she was wearing was the actual crown Gloria Diaz brought home after winning the prestigious pageant.

Of course, copying her mom would not be complete without the props. Wearing a swimsuit, sash, robe, and a crown, she sported the perfect Miss Universe 1969 look in every detail of her costume.

Her photos went viral leaving the people in awe as it brought back memories of the Philippines’ first win in the pageant.

She also posted photos of herself at the party along with her husband, Adrien Semblat, and her friends Rajo Laurel, Cristalle Belo, and Lovi Poe.

Gloria Diaz finally confirmed her daughter Isabelle is her doppelganger. Isabelle Daza appeared like the real Miss Universe 1969, pulling off the best look-alike of her mom at Tim Yap’s birthday bash.

Styled by Liz Uy’s StyLIZed Studio team, Isabelle won the Best in Costume award along with Rajo Laurel, Cristalle Belo-Pitt, and Lovi Poe. Gloria herself handed her the prize and the scene looked like a reenactment of her winning moment in Miss Universe.

On her Instagram post, Isabelle captioned a photo mimicking her mom’s iconic shot when she won the crown.

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Pat M.