Rep. Karlo Nograles on President Duterte’s latest performance and trust ratings


Despite the unrelenting attacks against the President brought about by those who seek to destabilize his administration, the numbers show that they hardly made a dent in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people. The President continues to enjoy high trust and performance ratings among all social classes and the different regions. This only shows that no amount of black propaganda can weaken the foundation of President’s Duterte’s support and that is the people’s collective desire for true and meaningful change.

President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs, aggressive foreign policy and anti-corruption crusade are creating waves and challenging the status quo but, admittedly, may be ruffling some feathers. Obviously, certain members of society have been unsettled and disturbed – and they are the ones creating resistance to these changes. Yet, the numbers continue to show that a vast majority of our people still want to see the President pursue his agenda for change. The numbers show that the people are still solidly behind the President.

From day one, the President has been very candid; he admitted that times will be challenging and the road ahead will be bumpy. Change will have its consequences. But I believe that is why people trust him; because he is brutally frank and makes no inhibitions.

In the course of his presidency, he will have to make difficult decisions for the sake of the people’s welfare and our national interest. The latest poll numbers prove that the President’s mandate remains strong. 

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