BOC, China starts talks on enhanced Anti-Smuggling operations

Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and members of the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of China Customs informally start talks on the two countries’ initiatives and countermeasures against illicit trade, Tuesday at the BOC Office.

Quan Li, Chief of the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Xiamen Customs, led the courtesy call to the Office of the Commissioner together with Xiang Yang Di, deputy director of the First Investigation; Xenchu Xu, head of the Third Section of Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Xiamen, Gaoqui Airport Customs; Xhixing Wang and Lingzhi Peng, members of Xiamen Customs’ Anti-Smuggling Bureau.

The delegation from the China Customs, in their meeting with Commissioner Faeldon, expressed confidence that the customs officials of both countries will double their efforts towards a more effective information sharing and intelligence work focused on anti-smuggling operations.

During the discussion, the customs officials of both countries exchanged inputs on how to strengthen and improve communication strategies to put a stop to international illicit trade.

Faeldon told the delegation that Philippine customs continues to be on guard against smuggling and that international cooperation is significant in this campaign. Faeldon adds, “This renewed commitment of both China and Philippine customs to fight smuggling is a strong signal and warning to smugglers to rethink and stop their illegal trade.”

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