AFP Statement re extension of Martial Law

Here's the statement of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the re extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.

A vast representation of our people has made a resounding statement.

The 17th Congress, voting jointly –261 as against 18–affirmed the need to extend Presidential Proclamation Number 216 extending Martial Law and the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus until 31 December as initiated by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The AFP take this both as an acclamation and as a challenge.

It’s an acclamation of the sacrifices of every soldier, airman, sailor, and marine who died; or were wounded or whose limbs were lost fighting or while supporting the fight to retake Marawi and liberate the hostages.

The task to neutralize the terrorists-extremists and degrade their capability; to rescue civilians trapped or held hostage; and to set the conditions for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the City is daunting.

But your AFP, aware of the enormity of the job that still needs to be done and the great expectations of our people, will measure up to the test.

While the AFP thank the people for their overwhelming support and manifestation of appreciation, it beseech fellow Filipinos to join hands and fight violent extremism and never to allow its seeds to take roots in their midst.

Only by accompanying our words of commitment with our resolute and united actions will the forces of good reign over that of evil.

| via Eunice Samonte

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