Sec. Aguirre: ‘I am not biased in the Kian de Los Santos case’


I am not biased in the Kian de Los Santos case. It is farthest from the truth. I am on the side of the Truth and of the Rule of Law. That is my only bias. Any act of murder perpetrated against any Filipino deserves condemnation and I will work to bring the ones responsible for such acts to get the full measure of our penal laws.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II The allegations of bias hurled against me by some apparently uninformed or ill-motivated persons in the case of Kian de los Santos’ death is so untrue. As I have said during the Senate investigation on the matter last week, Kian’s death is a tragedy.

A death is a death. The violent taking of the life of our youth is deplorable. It simply cannot be allowed to go unpunished. And I give my solemn reassurances to everyone that the ones responsible for this dastardly act will be punished to the full extent of the law. As a father and a parent myself, I condemn the killing Kian de Santos. I condemn the killing in the same way that I condemn the brutal killings, the rape and the dehumanization of infants and children, of grandmothers and grandfathers, of mothers and fathers, of sons and daughters by drug addicts.

We cannot call ourselves truly Filipinos when we engage in selective condemnation of the war on drugs. We cannot rightly call ourselves public servants when we only console the grieving on one side and blindly disregard the anguish on the other. We console regardless of belief, regardless of affiliation and regardless of motivation.

On behalf of the DOJ, we offer our solemn condolences to the family of Kian. In addition, I reiterate the offer of help and support of the DOJ, particularly of the Witness Protection Program to them. To those who allege that I am biased, please know that I am only biased in favor of the Truth and of Justice and that will continue while I serve our people at the DOJ. We reiterate our support for the President’s war on drugs. As we have declared before, we will be relentless as the President is relentless. 

Source: PTV

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