Franco Mabanta: ‘LP Senators are the real losers at the Senate probe on fake news’

Franco Mabanta shared his opinion on the recently conducted Senate probe on the spread of fake news.

After the Esquire Magazine posted an article entitled ‘Winners and Losers at the Senate Hearing on Fake News’, social media influencer Franco Mabanta, one of the resource persons of the Senate probe, published his own assessment of the whole event.

Many have thought that the said hearing wasn’t really what everyone expected it to be, especially when it was Thinking Pinoy’s time to step into the spotlight.

Unlike the usual inquiries, RJ Nieto turned the tables on the LP Senators Bam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Riza Hontiveros, and Antonio Trillanes with his impressive research.

Here are some of the key points Franco Mabanta mentioned in his Facebook post:

There are no if’s and but’s. The undisputed heavyweight champion of the hearing was Thinking Pinoy.

Let me make this very clear: Because of the FACT that TP (AKA RJ Nieto) was so goddamn dominant, all anti-Duterte media (ESPECIALLY Rappler) will spin this sideways and on its head. Everyone, myself included, was shocked at how he verbally manhandled some of the most powerful people in the country. Four Liberal Party senators took turns trying to beat up on RJ…and all four left with brand new, savagely torn bu***oles. Safe bet Kiko Pangilinan is still walking around funny today.

The anti-Duterte press will tell you that Nieto lost the fight and will focus on tiny, close-to-meaningless snippets where Bam admittedly got some good shots in (remember that this was a six-hour war, making it close-to-impossible for anyone to leave completely unscathed), but to say that he lost is simply not true. I was there and I’m telling you right now that this manufactured concept of TP getting beaten is laughable, pathetic and profoundly disingenuous. ANYONE WHO SAT AT THAT HEARING WILL TELL YOU THAT THINKING PINOY KILLED IT.

He beat Bam Aquino and then proceeded to inescapably take the souls of Senators Hontiveros, Trillanes and Pangilinan. It was not a good day for the Yellows. THAT’S the truth. And the best part about what I’m saying is that YOU CAN WATCH THE HEARING FOR YOURSELF ANYTIME AND VERIFY. It’s all over the internet, my friends. Six hours of juicy, dramatic, unprecedented political content.

Biggest mistake the LP Senators made — and this is just a personal opinion but I think I’m right — is that they underestimated TP. They saw a short, chubby, sarcastic, mildly disheveled blogger and instantaneously/illogically presumed that he couldn’t hurt them. But they fucked up, because apparently the kid is also a genius. (FYI, I never toss that word around loosely.)

Like Mr. Mabanta, the netizens also believed that Nieto was the real winner in the hearing. If Senator Bam Aquino scored 7 for his persistence, the people gave him a dazzling perfect rating in the series of questioning of the LP Senators.

When asked by Senator Trillanes to apologize to Senator Delima for taunting her in a photo he posted on his Facebook account in front of her office, Nieto firmly refused. 

“No, we are happy she’s detained. I won’t apologize and I’m entitled to my own political opinion,” Nieto said.

Just hours after, RJ Nieto’s video went viral because of the way he handled the inquiry. It may be terrifying for others, but Nieto acted with pride and conviction knowing he got evidence that would prove his innocence. He even cited a very vital information about the connection of Cocoy Dayao and the Liberal Party with the spreading of fake reports about the Duterte administration. 

RJ Nieto discusses how he discovered the owner of several webs…

RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy alleges the account holder of "Silent No More PH" is Edward Angelo Dayao or Cocoy Dayao, a former PCOO member under Aquino admin

Posted by CNN Philippines on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nieto explained how he and his colleagues were able to find out about Cocoy Dayao’s connection with several blog sites that post false accusations about the current administration and how he is related to the LP including former president Noynoy Aquino.

Check out Franco's long, fun, and informative Facebook post on the fake news hearing.

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Posted by Franco Mabanta on Sunday, October 8, 2017

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