It’s Time to Go


It’s Time to Go

How we are going to know that it is time to go and the relationship is not worth to stay for. It is very difficult to admit that some relationship started out great and somehow turned into bad. In the beginning of the relationship we are focusing on all good things and ignoring faults. That’s why our close friends, family, especially our parents are better at telling us if our relationship is bad or good than what we think of it. There are few signs that we can say it is time to end our relationship.

There is no personal freedom

Relationship is not about controlling, we all have our unique personality and differences that should be respected. It is not healthy if one is controlling over the other where you will go, what time are you going home, what are you wearing, why you need to do that and some other type of controlling behavior. Someone who is controlling their partner is insecure about their ability to meet their needs. They fear that if they let them move freely it might help their partner realize that life is better without a relationship. A secure partner is confident that if their partner leave them, there is much better relationship coming on their way and that relationship wasn’t meant to be. It is tough to feel secure in a relationship, but in the end there is a better match out there and the new door will open for more satisfying relationship.

The ratio of communication

Communication is a big factor in relationship. In this way we can ratio how positive or negative our relationship is. Couples should have at least 80% positive interaction in order to make it last.  The 20% according to research may never be resolved. Instead of focusing on that conflicts it is good to enhance that 80% to work and make the relationship as positive as possible and forget the rest. If you think your relationship is the other way around, more on negative, it may not be healthy. Still try to work it out but I think it’s not wise to expect for your partner to change, when it will happen only God knows. It might be time to move on.

When you wish to be alone

You are in a bad relationship if you find yourself wishing that your partner is not around. That you are more than happy alone and doing your things without your partner. And realizing that when you are with your partner life is so hard and full of tensions, arguments and you are unhappy. Do not stay just because you are thinking that you are not able to find someone else better. Being free is better! It takes courage to accept a broken relationship but later on you will be thankful how happy you can be on your own.

Life is too short to waste time on someone who is not good for you. From my previous post “A Life without regrets” I said:

Not having the courage to express your feelings can cause you to miss out on a real connection with someone special.

There is truly only one real danger that we must concern ourselves with and that is closing our hearts to the possibility that love exists.”

Don’t wait until your dying day to realize that happiness is a choice.

Choose happiness today and give yourself the best gift you could possibly get: a life without regrets.

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