The Benefits of Probiotics, Foods and Supplements


What benefit do they bring? They play an important role in protecting your body from diseases caused by “unfriendly” bacteria or viruses.Here are some more beneficial properties of probiotics.

They maintain the digestive system’s work

The main condition for proper work of our digestion is the right useful/harmful bacteria ratio. At the same time, a modern unhealthy diet,high level of stress, sleep deprivation, use of antibiotics or other meds can change this balance in favor of harmful bacteria. If the digestive system’s microflora and balance are healthy, the intestine keeps working properly.Studies have shown some advantages of using probiotics in the treatment of infectious diarrhea associated with taking antibiotics, worsening intestinal transit, Helicobacter pylori infection, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and other factors.

They improve the immune system’s work

When the immune system doesn’t function properly, a person may develop certain autoimmune disorders, allergic reactions, and infectious diseases (like infectious diarrhea or skin infections). Normal functioning of the immune system prevents many of these diseases, and probiotics provide it.

Probiotics canimprove mental health

According to numerous studies, prebiotic supplements reduce stress, fight depression, autism, anxiety, and improve memory and overall health. In other words, consuming probiotics regularly for at least two months,you’ll feel a lot happier.

Probiotics improve your heart’s health

Some microorganisms can normalize the blood pressure and the level of bad cholesterol, thus keeping the heart healthy and safe. The good bacteria break down bile in the stomach, so it cannot be reabsorbed and enter the blood as LDL cholesterol. Besides, instead of reducing the level of harmful LDL cholesterol, some prebiotics increase the amount of useful HDL cholesterol in the body.

Apart from reducing the level of bad cholesterol and increasing the useful one, pro biotics can also lower your blood pressure, but insignificantly.

Probiotics fight obesity

According to a number of studies, probiotics, together with weight loss pills, like Alli, can also be beneficial for people who struggle tokeep their weight at the same level after a weight loss surgery. According to Alli expert reviews, combining prebiotic supplements with pills gives the best result.

However, it’s still not completely clear how probiotics contribute to weight loss. Some experts even doubt that they are able to do it. But their other benefits are proved.

Are probiotics safe?

It is widely believed that virtually all probiotics presented in the modern market provide benefits to humans. However, doctors are cautious about prescribing them. The introduction of any probiotics to the diet should be preceded by a consultation of a qualified physician. In some cases, probiotics are contraindicated in the elderly, as they may interfere with the action of other medications. In other words, as long as you consume probiotics wisely, you have nothing to concern about. Stay safe and sound.

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