2018 Documentary Edition – Filipino Entry for Telus #STORYHIVE


Aimer Films Inc. led by Producer Kent Donguines has three projects currently in pitching stage to bag this year's grant for Telus Storyhive's Documentary Edition.

Here are the following projects:

NARSE (Nurse)

NARS (Nurse) – Philippines is one of the sources of overseas Filipino workers around the globe. With Canada being the land of opportunities, questions arise as immigrants move to Canada and not being able to practice their profession when they were still in their home country. Nars will explore the stories of Filipino doctors moving to Vancouver and instead of being practiced physicians, they become nurses. This documentary will tackle the struggles of not only being an immigrant but also adjusting to a new environment which includes risky choices, unfamiliar way of life and difficult prerequisites of becoming a "Canadian professional".


R-VANCOUVER – As the Vancouver housing market continues to rise, some residents, too often overlooked have turned to live in their RVs and vans as a cost-effective way to avoid paying the city’s extraordinary high rent and mortgage costs. This documentary will focus on the daily lives of these residents, and the circumstances which led them to this unconventional style of residency in one of North America’s most expensive cities. Through this journey we seek to create an open dialogue with these individuals, discussing aspects of their daily lives that come with living in these circumstances, and in doing so, go beyond that and grasp their perspective about what the future holds for many of this city’s residents who are uniquely adjusting to Vancouver’s endlessly soaring costs of living.

This Ink Runs Deep

THIS INK RUNS DEEP – Dion Kaszas is an indigenous tattoo artist who practices traditional methods. Dion has studied indigenous tattoos extensively, but his education is not complete. To further his understanding Dion takes a trip around Western Canada to speak to the artists who are breathing life back into an almost extinct tradition. Through conversations with these artists, we come to understand the history of indigenous culture and identity, through tattoos. We learn what tattoos once represented in the Haida, Interior Salish, Albertan Metis, and Inuit cultures and how colonization almost wiped out the practice. Although each region has a different story, what unites them is that they all feel a fracture in their identity. Through resurrecting this tradition they are helping to heal those wounds.

Voting started to day and will end on August 2nd, 12:00PM, PST. Make sure to copy-paste the link to your browser and click "VOTE".

Kent Donguines was also one of the associate producers during the recently concluded AGA-BEA movie shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada together with the Aimer Films Inc. team Maxime Beauchamp, Vera Lobo Da Silva and Robin Macabulos.

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