Busking in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Top street entertainers in Kuala Lumpur attract crowds at Jalan Alor by their daily activities – called “BUSKING”.

Music buskers call themselves street musicians, or in Malaysia, Pemuzik Jalanan.

They enjoy it, to improve their skills, gain contacts, and for some it’s even a legit full time job!

For them to get a permit, they need to audition! This is done by DBKL via an audition or a workshop, which is held once at the end of every year.

Permits are only available to Malaysians.


Sana someday here in Davao when musicians performs on the streets (Roxas, maybe?) – not performing in a large stadium or bar in front of a cheering audience and even not asking for TFs – but because they enjoy it, to improve their skills and well, gain contacts 🙂

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