Explore Some Basic Web Design Features Inspired by Instagram

Instagram is known worldwide for its focus on creativity and imagery.


Instagram is known worldwide for its focus on creativity and imagery. This visual-oriented social media platform has taught numerous businesses effective way of marketing online and designing websites. Instagram has pointed out that it is essential to focus on the consistency and quality of pictures if you wish to create a robust social media presence and drive more traffic and followers to your website.

Picture Quality is of Top Priority

A brand new web design could succeed to grab attention only by focusing on showcasing high-resolution pictures of products or associated services that website visitors could respond to positively. Today, with the unprecedented popularity of Instagram, it is quite clear that imagery rules. Instagram has crossed 1 billion monthly active users not just for nothing. The high-quality pictures and consistency and the overall emphasis on superlative visual presentation have taken Instagram way ahead of the competition and has created more Instagram followers.

Businesses today, must consider incorporating more photography in order to take the maximum advantage of online imagery. However, you must abstain from using ordinary pictures and be strict about posting only top quality and outstanding pictures of products, services, or behind-the-scene moments if you wish to drive more visitors or potential customers to your website.

Minimalism Is the Way to Go

Web users are just not impressed by a cluttered website. Focus on eliminating all sorts of distractions from your website as these may be compromising your overall User Experience. A good website design must necessarily focus on being intuitive and provide a good user experience to the website visitors. Web users are perpetually in a hurry and they would like to get the relevant information as soon as possible. It would be a good idea to have a simple and absolutely-clutter-free website. You must avoid using extra widgets as they may compel the users to go away the moment they arrive.

Why is Website Design Inspired by Instagram?

Instagram Helps Websites to Gain More Exposure

Instagram is surely a valuable addition to your web design, particularly, for businesses that have to make do with budgetary constraints. Instagram is an exceptionally popular social media platform and it helps to expose your business globally and absolutely free of cost. You are allowed to go on editing or changing your content whenever you like. Instagram would allow you to go on targeting precise customers and you are free to modify and adapt your messages whenever required.

Instagram Helps You in Identifying & Knowing Your Customers

Instagram helps you in getting information about your potential customers. You are now able to know who your customer is and precisely what his expectations are. This way you would understand their unique needs. Analytics prove to be helpful in the analysis of how your Instagram posts have performed. This valuable information could be used to effectively identify who your audience is and accordingly adapt your business.
Instagram Is Meant for Creating & Boosting Online Presence

We know that the World Wide Web is actually a shopping hub and it necessitates a robust online presence so that users could find you and recognize your brand or business. Thanks to this popular social media platform, users would be visiting your Instagram account and seeing your products before they visit your website and take the final buying decision.


Instagram’s exceptional visual content is immensely attractive and it would grab the attention of prospective buyers and assist in converting website hits into loyal customers. Needless to mention Instagram boosts website traffic and drives more and more conversions.

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