How to Update Your Denim

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Some upgrades for the classic closet staple.

Denim has been a favorite for ages. With different brands, from high-end to street, making a variety of denim available for us each season, you can’t go wrong with denim staples like jackets and skinny jeans. They suit just about anyone — body type or skin color, it doesn’t matter!

That said, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up once in a while. Make bolder fashion statements and choices with these denim upgrades for your next #ootd!

1. Side Stripe Jeans

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Forget boring old skinny jeans. Go with something a little more adventurous and street style-approved. Side stripe jeans mimic on-trend sweatpants, but in a more suitable version, you can wear to school (and even work, depending on your office dress code).

2. Pastel Jeans

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Your classic skinny jeans have a more fun alter ego — this time in pastel! Baby pinks, lilacs, lime greens, and sea blues are just some of the colors you can make do and have fun with.

3. Two-Toned Mini Skirts

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With the miniskirt craze making a major comeback last year, one way you stand out in a crowd of denim skirt fanatics is with a two-toned mini. It’s unique, fun, and quite hard to find! Perfect for that brunch date, that casual day in school, or really just any day, the denim skirt is a flattering pick for every body type.

4. Pearl Details

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Denim and pearls? Who knew they’d work and give us the best of both worlds. Classy and edgy never looked this good with denim upgraded with pearly details. You can DIY with some faux pearls at your local bookstore or save yourself some time by purchasing one yourself!

5. Frayed Hems

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Fringe is back in all its edgy glory. If you buy a pair that’s a tad too long but a perfect fit for your waist, adding some frayed tips is a trendy alternative to getting it altered properly. (Of course, you can always buy a pair that’s already frayed!)

6. Denim Culottes Exist!

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The more casual version of the corporate chick’s lifesaver comes in denim! These wide-legged pants are comfortable and easy to wear, as they don’t lock up your legs in leg prison like skinny jeans would. The slouchy feel of the pant leg combined with the laidback fabric might seem a little too casual for the office, but you can definitely pull it off! Add your favorite blazer and statement bag to the ensemble and you’ll be fine. The cherry on top? White stilettos.

7. Mom Jeans

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Oversized is in. Dating back to the 80s, mom jeans are, well, your mom’s college best friend. While the classic skinny jeans will probably never be overthrown by other pant cuts, mom jeans are a great way to stray away from the usual. They give anyone a more laidback vibe without fully looking like a lazy girl’s outfit.

8. Denim Dungarees

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Keep it boho chic with the playsuit of your dreams. Denim dungarees are best worn with a white shirt underneath to achieve the most casual look. They’re a fun and easy go-to outfit as they’re both comfortable and easy to wear! You won’t be sacrificing style for comfort with this piece.

And that’s it!

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Denim is the most reliable clothing there is, so feel free to experiment and play around with it so you can find the right style just for you! ❤

Share your favorite denim style with us below! And while you’re at it, why don’t you give this article a clap if you liked it!

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