Top Blogs and Resources to learn more about latest UX Web Designs


Over the first couple of years, you have come across so many online user experience design based resources and blogs. For advice and knowledge on the web can be free of charge. So, you are able to learn UX design anytime and anywhere with flow and ease. But, first, you need to learn more about the resources from where you can get information on UX design. These blogs and resources will help you understand the field of user experience and beyond that. If you ever know anything about UX blog or resources, then feel free to share it with others. Your suggestions are always welcomed.

UX Magazine

UX Magazine is an online form of UX publication, which is likely to discuss topics and some trends in UX strategy and design. It is always the closest of full-fledged trade magazine which the UX designers can take help of any time. This site is going to create the community with the location-based form of listing for talks, conferences, informal meet-ups, classes, and workshops.

Smashing Magazine Design Category

This form of the category will only feature articles, based on information architecture, usability, interaction design, and other UX based topics. These topics are based on digital and physical products. Under the digital category, you have mobile, web, software and applications. With the help of these articles, professionals and experts can share some valuable ideas with the aspirants. It is a perfect place to get some useful guidelines, practical tips, great case studies and even recommended best practices. Some of the popular categories over here are UX, Usability, User Research, Interaction Design, and E-Commerce.

Mockplus Blog

Another comprehensive resource sector for the UX designer has to be Mockplus blog. It is for the primary learners, willing to learn more about this design. Here, you will come to learn more about the best UX blogs over here. Some of those topics are UX interview, prototyping tools, and design resource, to name a few. It is going to be updated on daily basis with the addition or at least one or two blogs. If you are planning to know more about design resources and UX web design, you just have to subscribe over here.


The main aim of this meeting point is to create a platform where web experts will visit from around the world to find some latest inspirations. It is a perfect spot for debate and also a platform to share some knowledge. It is a great area to share some experiences and give some constructive and respective critiques. Along with that, here, you will come to learn more about the great posts, which will feature web development, web design, UX or UI, graphic design and way more by just browsing through the blog.

Design Shack

Design Shack first came into the business in 2003, when it was established to showcase some inspiring examples of designs. To top it all, now this platform has articles and resources, which will work hard to show how to succeed in the best way. This blog channel is known to attract wide audiences comprising of designers, agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals. They are most passionate about the cutting edge based web technologies and can design news. So, for the best response, just log online and things will work as planned by your side.

Creative Bloq

One of the most promising resources for the professional designers and artists, Creative Bloq is a name which you will not forget that easily. It is mainly defined as a high volume blog, used for creativity that features content on illustration, web design, 3D, graphic design, digital art and so much more. Things are definitely going to work in favor of the creative designers when this blog channel is by their sides.

Beautiful Pixels

Beautiful Pixels is one platform for all the best Android and IOS apps examples, along with some under UI design variations. It is covering all kinds of media right from the first till last. It is one place, where you can collectively come together and meet some designers and appreciate the works that are already presented in the list. You will come to see some of the greatest user interface designs of the modern times and you will love the features involved in this section.

UX Movement

Especially known as user experience blog, UX Movement is a place to update articles on showing the practices and the differences between good and bad user interface. Not only that but it will also showcase the user behavior to the most. All these articles are solely backed up by the power of search, reasoning or experience. To know more about the platform, you have to just log online and click on the official URL.

DesignModo UX

This is a form of the comprehensive site, which is covering business, aesthetic and psychological elements of the current UX platform. This blog happens to be a great resource of information for the beginners and even for some of the advanced designers, whose main aim is to expand and improve the knowledge bucket.

UX Booth

There is something different about UX Booth, which makes it completely different from the rest. Well, this UX Booth is a publication, which is made for the users and by the UX community. So, this is a solid platform to know more about the latest updates, which are covering the user experience design interface. Staying up to date is an easy task once you plan to visit this blog site on a daily basis.


This community is solely designed for the digital professionals. The main thing about this blogging community is that it posts only the latest design resources and nothing else for the UI or UX designers. So, if you are trying to make your name in this UX sector, you better get into this community first.

These are few of the many blog and resources you should give a try while trying to gain some advanced knowledge in UX sector. You will love the results involved in this section for sure.

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