Balut and Durian fruit as one of the world’s most disgusting food, according to Sweden Museum

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Balut and Durian fruit are considered one of the “world’s most disgusting food” featured in Sweden’s museum. “Curious foods from exotic cultures”was the main theme of the exhibit.

According to the museum ‘s website, Durian fruit is “infamously stinky fruit”.  Despite of this smell, this crop is considered as the “king of fruits”. Filipinos commonly describe this as a fruit which has a smell like hell but tastes like heaven.

Several countries like Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore banned Durian to be travelled through their public transportations because of the undesirable smell of the fruit.

On the other, ‘balut’ or the fertilized duck egg ,wherein the embryo is still developing, is being eaten with vinegar. In the Philippines, this can be found at the residential streets. No matter how high the cholesterol content of this delicacies,  Filipinos will always love to eat this exotic kind of food.

Stinky tofu from China, surströmming or fermented herring from Sweden, Iceland’s well-aged shark,roasted guinea pigs from Peru, and casu marzu or maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia are other delicacies which are also featured as world’s most disgusted food in Sweden’s museum.



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