OneFarm app will empower Davao farmers


Simon Wong, founder of BigDex PLT based in Sarawak, Malaysia,  will introduce the OneFarm app in Davao City’s innovation summit. This app aims to increase farmer’s profit through eliminating the midllemen in the entire agriculture chain.

According to Samuel R. Matunog, president of ICT-Davao ,which organized the innovation summit, that the app will be used at the Davao Food and Trade Terminal situated at the Davao Food Complex in Toril, Davao City.

Matunog said that discussions of agreement between the government of Davao City and  Mr. Wong will be facilitated.

OneFarm app envisions “to modernize the agriculture industry through precise farming technology.” It enables consumers to attain significant information about agricultural produce such as market location,  product information, market information and most significantly, the price trends and farm gate prices of the commodities. In addition, the app also has newsfeed that updates consumers about the agriculture sector of the country.

Commodity locator

Crop descriptionPrice trends of crops

OneFarm newsfeed According to their app description in  Google play, “the OneFarm B2B2C platform developed to improve the productivity and efficiency of access to new market for local based agriculture produce and products under the State government’s Digital Agriculture initiative.

By adopt the mobile app technology, the OneFarm app establish a efficient distribution system and unique farmer interactive gateway to satisfy the upstream and downstream industry. This one stop platform designed to suit the need of the buyers and sellers, reduce the third party or intermediate trading house, enable a better and high quality agriculture products to sell to the market. This will help the rural farmers and poor group access to a better market opportunities so as to increase their income as well.

The first in Sarawak OneFarm B2B2C platform will collaborate with domestic agriculture bodies to promote their local produce crops such as pepper, bird’s nest, tongkat ali, palm oil products and various unique F&B product to the national level as well as oversea market.”



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