Drying Palay in Public Roads can get you into Jail

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Last  November, DPWH announces a new amendment of Highway Act 1953. Which says, Any person who uses public highways for their personal interests like drying agri products such as Rice grain, corn seeds, or copras will be violating the law and need to pay the fine of 1000 pesos or 6 months imprisonment.

Regulation is confirmed under Presidential Decreed No. 17 under Highway Act of 1953 which clearly states “It shall be unlawful for any person to usurp any portion of a right-of-way, to convert any part of public highways, bridge, wharf or trail to his own private use or to obstruct in the same in any manner,”

This amended law will be beneficial to those who use the roads for driving. But what would be the effect of this to farmers?

Fish sellers along the road will be penalized as well if its going to implemented strictly.


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