Farmhouse Facilities in Mindanao Improve Farmer’s Income



Providing farmhouse facilities can aid to improve the income of local farmers in Mindanao, Cristy B. Dagala,Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) operations manager said. Mindanao is potential in agriculture. It is mirrored by production growth and export commodities.

Banana, alongside with coconut, is the top export commodity of Mindanao. Davao Region remains the top banana producer in the country. Respectively, Philippine Statistics Authority( PSA) records show for the period July to September 2018, banana production reached 2.43 million metric tons. Hence, it is an increased of 2.0 percent from the 2.38 million metric tons production in the same period of 2017.

As cited in the report of Sunstar, according to Dagala“kaya kami sa SPDA, as a development authority, we make sure na nakikita namin ang potential ng isang lugar para matulungan ang probinsiya na mas umangat in terms of agriculture. (That’s why we at SPDA, as a development authority, makes sure we see the potential of the province in order to help them improve in terms of agriculture).”

Reasons for Farmhouse Facilities

Moreover, storage facilities is one of the farmhouse facilities that was determined to be provided.  Development authority does feasibility studies to increase farmhouse facilities.

More importantly, providing farmhouse facilities does not only increase farmers’ income but also creation of more agro-economic zone. Accordingly, Dagala explained the significance of agro-economic zone. It attracts future investments on agricultural facilities.

Impact of Agro-economic Zone

In addition, the impact of agro-ecomic zone, agricultural production and manufacturing can already help increase profit. Thus, farmers do not need to focus on planting and cultivating agri produce when business locators enter. Consequently,  people living within the economic zone will also be benefited.

Present Action of SPDA

According to the written report in Sunstar,” SPDA is eyeing in developing Amai Manabilang (formerly Bumbaran), Lanao del Sur into an agro-economic zone to increase agricultural productivity especially for the province. SPDA continues to conduct more feasibility study in order to specifically locate more economic zones.”

To date, with the economic zones established in Mindanao, constructing the needed storage facilities for farmers will be easier since business locators can now invest in these ecozones.


SPDA: Build more farmhouses




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