Top Battle Royale Games to Play on Mobile

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The battle royale genre, or the group of games that blend survival, exploration, and good old battle in a last-man-standing set-up, is the latest and hottest trend in the world of video games. Digital Trends traces the genre’s history from its humble beginnings as an obscure mod to the smash hit that it has become today — one that encourages even non-gamers to try their hand at playing. Because of its meteoric rise in popularity, many battle royale mobile games have since been released. The side effect of this worldwide acclaim is that too many games today are essentially just clones of one another.

That’s why this list enumerates only the best battle royale titles that, although share similar mechanics, stand out because of exciting key features. Trust that you’ll have a unique experience with each play of the following games:

Black Survival

Let’s start with the most unique title of this list. It’s easy to describe Black Survival as a battle royale mobile game with anime characters and leave it at that, but it has so much more in store. In this game, the battles are static, set against beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds. Hence, stats and reflexes, instead of your shooting skills, are the keys to win. Avid player Lorenzo Dante even warns that the game requires a high learning curve, but if you’re up for the challenge, why not try it out?

Rules of Survival

NetEase Games’ PUBG clone seems to be doing well on its own. In fact, Rules of Survival has earned more than $75 million worldwide since its launch last November 2017. How does it differ from the original, you ask? Numbers. Instead of fighting 100 players for chicken dinner, you’ll go up against 120. It also has better mobile optimization, though that can change soon with PUBG Mobile’s upcoming patches. For now, Rules of Survival‘s controls tend to be more reliable.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

How do you make a battle royale game different? Throw in zombies! In Last Day of Earth: Survival, you’ll not only fight other players, but hordes of zombies as well. There are also survival mechanics, which requires you to build shelters and craft objects in order to last longer in the game. It’s not surprising that a zombie battle royale game has come out, considering the zombie subgenre is just as popular.

In fact, there always seems to be a zombie version of anything pop culture-related. For instance, there’s the mobile game Zombie Gunship Survival, which takes players to the skies to kill the walking undead. Then there is also a zombie-themed fitness tracker app called Zombies, Run! which motivates people to exercise by playing sounds of zombies seemingly chasing them. Of course, there are also the browser games you can find on the web that can be played on mobile, too. Additionally, the zombie game collection on Slingo offers a variety of sub-themes. One is Lost Vegas, which immerses players in a zombie-infested Sin City. There’s also Pay of the Dead, which is themed after the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos. As you can see, the zombie subgenre just never seems to die out. If a new video game trend emerges, you can expect a zombie version of it, like Last Day of Earth: Survival soon enough.

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ port to the Xbox One has had a multitude of technical issues in its first few weeks of launch. Fortunately, the mobile version performs significantly better. The Verge’s PUBG Mobile review iterated that though the graphics have downgraded significantly, the overall experience is better than PUBG’s Xbox One version. So if you’re a fan of battle royale, then you owe it to yourself to play the mobile port of PUBG — the game that started it all.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Of course, we can’t have a Battle Royale list without mentioning PUBG’s greatest contender, too. Fortnite is the more stylish of the two in terms of graphics. Its gameplay is also different, as it focuses more on building bases than head-on warfare. But the most remarkable thing here is that its mobile version is exactly what you can experience on both PC and console. There are no downgraded features or anything like that. So if Fortnite is more your jam, then by all means, download it now!

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