DA-MIMAROPA Developed Adlay Sweet Cone


Department of Agriculture (DA)-MIMAROPA promotes Adlay crop through value addition and thorough research. One of the notable efforts is creating the Adlay sweet cone.

Moreover, Region 4B-DA continues in showcasing techniques on how to prepare various affordable, nutritious, and palatable adlay delicacies. According to the report of Philstar, value added products include broas, cookies, kalamay, pandesal, turones de adlay, arrozcaldo, champorado, polvoron and noodles are included .  It also aims to produce unique products.

What’s special about the Sweet Cone made from Adlay? Interestingly, Sweet Cone made from Adlay is more delicious compared to other commercially available cones in the market. Its shelf life can reach up to four months with proper storage.

 “Sweet Cone made the crop of Adlay is thicker, crispy, and has a little bit lumpy texture, giving an interesting twist to the customers’ delight”, Lorena Mendoza of DA-MIMAROPA.

Further, the report stated that Mendoza noted that the product has received many orders from Mama Sita’s. Respectively, the DA-RFO 5 ordered to complement the Bicol region’s bread fruit or Rimas ice cream.

Adlay’s health benefits

Accordingly, report stated that Adlay  has a high fiber that shows promising results in anti-cancer. It attains anti-inflammatory, and blood sugar-lowering properties for optimum health of the human body.

(Photo credit from ABS-CBN)

Future Prospect

Moreover, DA-MIMAROPA envisioned a partnership with the DA-Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division  to give them important information on market development services and  assist them in identifying potential market linkages, private adopters, and market matching activities.

Source: Ice cream cone made from adlay


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