More Communities Engage in Urban Gardening

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Urban gardening aims to introduce the values of basic food production, healthy food systems, and clean urban environment to city dwellers. It is also an initiative to incorporate farming into the lifestyle of the urban communities.

Moreover, it encourages people in urban communities to cultivate what they consume in their own houses.

As mentioned in the report in AgrinationPH, “Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) carried out series of partnership interventions to empower the Filipino people towards food security and self-sufficiency through urban gardening.”

Various efforts such as signing of memorandum of agreements was made to strengthen urban farming in communities.

According to the report “ATI, through Officer-in-Charge Director Alfredo Aton, has inked a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Presidential Security Group (PSG), represented by Lt. Colonel Oliver Logan, for the
Urban Agriculture Garden Sites  (UAGS) establishment and turn-over of urban farming starter kits.”

Importantly, farm structure and small-scale machinery, agricultural inputs, and technical assistance will be provided to enhance urban farms and also to encourage people to engage in gardening.

Importance of  Urban Gardening

“Urban agriculture is a response to the problems on hunger and malnutrition among urban poor families,” Aton said.

Further, the report noted that importance of urban gardening is to assist barangays, schools, and various community groups in providing available and affordable food in their localities. Technical and logistical support will be given by the ATI in the sustenance of the site. Also, the Institute will take the lead role in the conduct of capability building activities in the community.

Department of Agriculture continuously empowers Filipino in order to address food security. Through ATI, ATIng Gulayan ng DA is DA’s project in Metro Manila to establish urban farms .It is being developed to produce healthy food more efficiently.

Source: DA Strengthens Urban Gardening

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