Online Gaming Addiction: #makeITsafePH


Online Gaming Addiction: #makeITsafePH

In this millennial era or what we call the seasons of the millennial netizens, we can’t deny the fact that many are now addicted to online games. This has been the dilemma of the parents as it affects and threatens the studies of their children.

If we go and take back the kids from today to the time when kids before doesn’t really need gadgets or these online games to escape boredom, the will not be to relate to any of what the previous generation has to experience.

If I remember it correctly, during the 1990s, Counter-Strike, Halo, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Quake Live and Unreal Tournament are the ones quite popular and it became a widespread.

This has become a real deal now with the parents this timeline. The costs and the addiction that has been inflicted narrowed from the teenage ages down to children’s’.

The players seem to forget everything in reality specially their surroundings. It affects them emotionally and physically that word respect in humanity is crumbling. We can still do something for this and should not become just a part of our history we can no longer erase.

The government has already taken action and has limited students and minors to go to an internet cafe or shop since this might get them into trouble too. There are moments that it triggers little fights going to crime and might even worst.

How to #makeITsafePH? Talk to your love ones especially parents to their kids and try to have chit chats and bonding. Make them realize that the world has a lot to offer other that depriving yourself with such a hobby that might take you to insanity.

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