Online Shop Markets Farmers’ Vegetable Surplus


Farmers in Benguet are throwing away produce due to bulk vegetable surplus. However, Session Groceries, a grocery service in Baguio City, are now delivering in Metro Manila to help farmers.

According to the report of ABS-CBN, the said shop directly markets farmers’ vegetables in a lower price relative to grocery stores.

Moreover, the news report noted that the operation of the shop started seven months ago yet decided to help farmers in Benguet through expanding its delivery in Metro Manila.

Iloisa Romaroag of Session Groceries sympathized farmers’ difficulty in farming such vegetable when she heard the vegetable surplus issue in Benguet.

Subsequently, she decided to initiate help by posting vegetables on social media. Further, she got the idea after she also asked donations for the victims of typhoon Ompong.

Social media is really efficient in helping whenever social challenges occur.

Photo credit from Facebook Photo of Session Groceries

Problems Faced by The Shop

Farmers prefer bulk orders. They are not motivated if others are not in bulk. Consequently, her company needed to fill 4,000 kilos for next batch. Eventually, obtaining such quota will make the deliveries door-to-door in Metro Manila.

To date, Romaroag is fixing the process in delivering good in Metro Manila. However, farmers and her company suffer from losses due to additional order fees. She only post exact prices of the farmers and was not able to account for packaging and other fees.

As a newbie for this economic activity, she is still improving ways to make the work efficient and better. Thus, she identify opportunity in bridging the farmers directly to consumers.

Romaroag already sell two batches of vegetable surplus in Metro Manila. Customers paid shipping fees on bus terminals.

On her behalf, let us help her reach Metro Manila buyers who are interested to buy cheaper vegetables, that are fresh from the hardworks of the Filipino farmers in Benguet. 

For orders, you can visit this site How To Order Vegetables in Session Groceries.


Online store lets you buy straight from farmers, help them earn amid veggie ‘oversupply’


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