P20B Increase in DA’s Budget to Address PH inflation


A Php 20 billion increase in the budget of the Department of Agriculture pushed by Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to address consistent soaring PH inflation.

To date, DA proposed a P123.7 billion this year yet Arroyo enforced an additional budget for the agency.

Moreover, in the report of GMA News,  Arroyo observed a significant dropped of DA’s budget since her administration. Thus, the increase of budget for DA should be ensured in the final budget. Further,  according to her statement, farmers will  obtain assistance and enable to increase production that are important in controlling PH inflation, once the budget will increase.

Arroyo noted that the budget of DA attributes on the development of the sector it manages.

Surprisingly, from a 6 percent (during her term) to 1.5 percent (present administration) is only allocated to DA’s budget. This can also be associated to the shortage of food which eventually resulted to contribute to PH inflation.

(Food supply)

Accordingly, Arroyo, as the House Speaker, proposed to House of Small Committee on Appropriation in increasing a P20 billion budget to curb inflation.

The report stated that  “the small committee was constituted after the Committee of the Whole was convened to deliberate the proposed 2019 national budget”.

Arroyo also instructed the House member that are part of the bicameral conference committee, to ensure the P20-billion additional fund for the DA stays in the budget.

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Source of the report: Arroyo pushes for P20-B increase in DA budget to address inflation



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