DavOr Hopes to Improve agriculture and tourism sectors

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(photo credit from Sunstar)


(photo credit from Sunstar)

The provincial government of  Davao Oriental aims to develop its agriculture and tourism sectors. In line with this, the province created a 10-year strategic plan.

Further, according to the report in Business World, units are opt to be reorganized by department heads. Gov. Nelson L. Dayanghirang ordered this to be accomplished within six months, together with the potential plans that will improve both sectors.

During the planning session of the provincial official, Mr. Dayanghirang emphasizes to think outside the box to come up with ideas in developing the said sectors.

Agriculture Tourism

Significantly, coconut industry is one of the focus areas of the province. More industrialized processes of production is opt to be acquired in order to obtain inclusive growth. Based on the report, “Provincial Planning and Development Office noted that coconut production in 2013 fell 54.6% after Typhoon Pablo destroyed about six million coconut trees”.

Notably, Davao Oriental is the leading province in producing coconuts. Unfortunately, lowest production had occurred in 2013 due to Typhoon Pablo.

Secondly, farm gate prices of copras, processed coconut, amounted to low price of Php 20/ kilo.

Dayanghirang stated that both provincial and national government should strategize on addressing the concerns of the coconut industry.

Lower yields of coconut was attributed to pest,lack of fertilizer and old trees. Accordingly, 1.5% of coconut land declines annually.

The provincial government seeks investments on industrializing the industry.

Tourism Sector

Apart from agriculture, the government of Davao Oriental aims to develop the tourism.

More significantly, the province is one of the top destination of the Philippines. Mt. Hamiguitan Range and Wildlife Sanctuary, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found in Davao Oriental.

As cited in the report, “according to data from the provincial government, the province attracted 801,479 tourists in 2015 from 91,165 in 2012”.

To date, it was identified that lack of accommodations and other amenities for tourists, and other infrastructure, were concerns that should be addressed in developing tourism.


Davao Oriental hoping to energize agriculture, tourism sectors



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