PH ranks 3rd as ‘most ignorant’ but also the ‘most confident’

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Philippines is third among the ‘most ignorant’ countries which concern about the nation’s key issues, based on the report of Indy100.

As cited in the report of ABS-CBN, in 2016, Philippines ranked 16th. Further, at present, South Africa is top most ignorant country and Brazil ranks as second.

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Significantly, despite of an inaccurate perceptions, Philippines bagged  as the most confident country to answer the survey, together with Peru.

Most Confident Countries
Ranks of the most confident countries with their accuracy scores.
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Among the countries, the least confident country yet answered the most accurate were respondents from Norway, Germany, and Sweden.

Accordingly, Ipsos MORI, market research firm, conducted the said survey. Respectively,”the firm conducted 29,133 interviews between September to October 2017 in 38 countries”, stated report from ABS-CBN.

Moreover, in the Philippines, there were 500 respondents ages 16-40 years old that were asked issues concerning to teenage births, vaccine and autism, diabetes, alcohol, and religion among others.


PH is 3rd ‘most ignorant’ on key issues but among ‘most confident’: survey

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