Beached Whale Dead due to Plastic Intoxication

Beached Whale found dead at the coastline of Mabini Town, Compostella Valley Province
( Photo credit from Director Blatchely of Davao)

A juvenile Cuvier’s beaked whale found dead at Barangay Cadunan, Mabini town in Compostela Valley province around 10:30 am, last March 16,2019. Results found out that at least 40 kilos of plastic had intoxicated the beached whale.

Accordingly, Davao City Fisheries Office Davao City, BFAR XI, Dr. Elaine Vera Belvis and D’Bone Collector’s Museum Director Darel Blatchley  carrried-out a nepcropsy to the  15.4-foot whale. The American Biologist, Darel Blatchley said that this was the most plastic recovered from a whale’s stomach.

Items found inside the Beached Whale

Further, report stated that 16 rice sack, banana plantation style bags, and various plastic shopping bags were found inside the intoxicated whale. A list of the plastic will be itemized by their team soon.

Apart from the plastics that were recovered from the stomach, results have examined that all stomach compartments were full of foreign materials such as plastics of varying sizes and shapes, sacks, and among others. Moreover the presence of squid beaks and parasites were seen in the stomach and kidney of the whale.

( Photo credit from Director Blatchely)

Based from the report made by the American Biologist, “it’s about time to urged the government to take action against those who continue to treat the waterways and ocean as dumpsites”.

Importantly, the American biologist mentioned that “at least 57 whales of the 61 collections at his museum “died due to human causes in the last 10 years”.

Based on the report of City Fishery Office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Office (BFAR)-Davao Region, the whale was seen on the coastline of Mabini town, Saturday evening of March 15,2019. Unfortunately, the whale could not swim on its own.

Attempts to push the “emaciated and weak” whale farther away were futile as it would always go back to shore, the report said.

Collective Action

Further,  it the incident is alarming because recently the Philippines was recognized as the second largest habitat for whale shark (See report here PH as the Second Largest Habitat of Whale Sharks ). Thus, various group in Davao City which advocates in saving Davao Gulf and environmentalist groups had proactively spread awareness of banning the single-use of plastic.

One of the ongoing project in Davao City is the marine conservation efforts made by Project Dyesabel. If you wished to help in protecting the ocean, you may help their fund raising project through buying these t-SEArt.

For orders, message Rosabelle Dalumpines Joval via facebook chat or leave her a message at (0946) 741 3376‬ or hit us up at UP Sigma Beta Sorority – UP Mindanao Chapter or Project Dyesabel.

Marine Project
(Photo credit from UP Sigma Beta Sorority- UP Mindanao Chapter)
Marine Project
(Photo credit from UP Sigma Beta Sorority- UP Mindanao Chapter)


D’ Bone Collector Museum Inc. Report About the Beached Whale

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