PH is a happier country in 2018: World Happiness Report


In line with the International Day of Happiness, the World Happiness report carried out survey regarding levels of happiness in 156 countries. Philippines increased its rank to 69th from 71st, its is the 3rd happiest country in  Asia next to Singapore and Thailand.

Survey found out that in 2018, Finland is the happiest country while Venezuela as the saddest country. ( See the results below). Markedly, “of the 132 countries with data for 2005-2008 and 2016-2018, 106 had significant changes. 64 were significant increases”.


World Happiness Survey in 2018
( Photo Credit from World Happiness Survey)

Respectively, GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption were the variables used in analyzing the factors that influenced the happiness level of the countries.

“The 10 countries with the largest declines in average life evaluations typically suffered some combination of economic, political, and social stresses. The five largest drops since 2005-2008 were in Yemen, India, Syria, Botswana and Venezuela, with drops over one point in each case, the largest fall being almost two points in Venezuela”, World Happiness Report stated.

Source: World Happiness Report 2016-2018

Photo credit from Manila Bulletin


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