Youth to sell fresh coconuts in Manila for summer

coconut in Manila
(Photo credit from Tradin Organic)
coconut in Manila
(Photo credit from Tradin Organic)


Department Agriculture Secretary  Manny Piñol said that youth may sell fresh coconuts for summer in Metro Manila and other cities. This is in line with the ongoing planning between DA and Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA).

Based on the report of Business Mirror, “PCA will provide participants with transportation and working capital so they can buy young coconuts from farmers”, Piñol stated.

PCA will carried-out the supply from coconut farmers. The produce will be at least bought by Php8- Php10 per piece.

To date, Secretary Piñol imparted that coconuts are being sold through karitons for at least Php 35.

Specifically, the program plans that coconuts will be delivered in Metro Manila, consolidation area. Thereafter,  “coco vendors on wheel” will bring these produce directly to consumers from other areas.

Moreover, “program aims to expand the market for coconut and provide an alternative source of income for coconut farmers who have suffered from very low prices of copra in recent months”.

The said program is being supported by Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). According to DA, the institution agreed that coconuts can be sold through the use of multi-cabs or small trucks.

Interestingly, the fresh coconuts in Manila is a good idea that could suffice the thirst and potentially beat the heat of summer.

Respectively, the said program also generates employment specifically to the out-of-school youth.

MMDA Chairman Danny Lim stated during the launch of the Summer Coco Festival on Thursday that he will talk to the mayors within Metro Manila to allow the selling of coconuts through wheels.

Piñol assured that these coconut wheels would not cause obstruction. Currently, DA will conduct trainings on proper handling and hygiene next week for the potential vendors.


Jobless Pinoys may sell fresh coconuts in Metro Manila, other cities–DA


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