Agri-Opportunity:High Demand of Goat Meat

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goat's meat

goat's meat

Department of Agriculture – Cagayan Breeding Station (DA-CBS) urged farmers to venture on goat farming due to the high demand of goat meat in the market.

DA-CBS will help goat farmers to improve breed of goats through hybrid goat buck loan program to obtain higher profit.

Based on the report of Philippine Information Agency, Demetrio Tang, station manager said that “station has 107 Boer and 61 Kalahari Red buck breeders imported from Australia. There were already more than 400 bucks dispersed to qualified raisers”.

Requirements that are needed for the applicant are the following: one to two hectares of grazing lands, construction of housing for the goats, and 10 to 20 ready native female goats. Dr. Bryan Sibayan, a veterinarian emphasized that these requirements should be meet to ensure quality of goat meat and sustainability of the program.

In the buck loan program, goat farmer should be able to give back two high-quality goats to DA. These will be given to other interested goat farmers in the region.

Moreover, Tang noted that “high-quality breed could be sold from P6,000 to P8,000 based on the prevailing market price. So this can be a great livelihood of the farmers.”

For a short span of three years, there is a high probability of return of investment if goats will be taken care well.

Importantly, Sibayan mentioned that goats are very sensitive, especially with the climate changes. He recommended that we need to be knowledgeable on how to prevent these animals from diseases.

“Goats should be fed highly nutritious plants. There should also be a regular check-up of the health conditions of the animals to ensure that they are not afflicted with diseases” Sibayan said.


DA urges farmers to venture on goat raising

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112 shares, 1 point
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An Agribusiness economist. I scribble more about agriculture, politics and economics.



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