Workers in Agriculture Dominated Davao Region


Agriculture worker in Davao
(Photo credit from Sunstar)

Davao Region obtained the highest number of workers in agriculture,  forestry, and fishing sector, Philippine Statistics Authority reported.

As cited in the report of Sunstar, the 2016 annual survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) posted a 7.26 percent decrease from the previous year of 41,608. ” There are 38,575 out of 186,610 employees that are working in the said sector”.

Moreover, Mindanao Development Authority public relations officer Adrian Tamayo said that “the AFF (agri, fishing and fishery) is the biggest employer of the economy. This sector is characterized by workers with low skilled or even unskilled thus generally into poverty. The role of the AFF sector is to provide surplus labor to other sectors that are expanding. Given the decrease, perhaps, the surplus labor that are ready for assimilation are now accommodated in the expanding sectors like the construction which is growing impressively. We would expect a decrease in poverty incidence alongside economic growth”.

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He also mentioned that before, economic growth are not shared to individual especially to the poor. With the Build,Build, Build program of Duterte’s administration, inclusive growth is predominant due to the institutional support.

Further, aside from agriculture sector, which attained the highest number of workers, “industries followed with highest number of workers are the Administrative and Support Service Activities with 31,297 employees and the Wholesale and Retail Trade with 28,564 employees”.

Respectively, ” manufacturing recorded 18,351 employees; 13,141 in the education sector; 12,123 in the accommodation and food service; 9,660 in the construction industry; 6,750 in the human health and social work activities; 6,639 in the transportation and storage; 5,887 in the mining and quarrying; and 1,928 in the real estate activities”.


Agriculture workers dominate Davao Region


Nath Mindanao
Nath Mindanao
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